A COVID Journey Pt. 09

This story is part nine of how the financial pressures of joblessness in the era of COVID forces one woman into becoming a 24/7 live-in companion and submissive BDSM playmate. Please read the previous parts first to get to know the characters and the kink they have shared. Comments and suggestions are very appreciated. I am writing a love story that contains incest, lesbian, male domination, exhibitionist, erotic and BDSM themes. If you don't like these themes, please skip this story.

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

I want to thank my editor 1moeannie. She took my original text and made great suggestions and corrections that helped me improve the story.

Main Characters;

Alice is a 45-year-old widow who enjoyed a kinky submissive lifestyle with her husband before he died. She occasionally will switch. Her husband's death left her in a very tight financial situation, but she was making it work before losing her job due to COVID. She met Howard on-line. He was seeking a companion who also enjoys BDSM play as a submissive. So far, things are working out for Alice. Alice has two adult children, Michelle and Jessica.

Howard is a 64-year-old widower. He discovered his interest in BDSM through a submissive friend, who helped him learn how to practice BDSM domination safely. Their relationship was always just about kinky sex. They otherwise had nothing in common. Howard is usually dominant but occasionally switches, usually only as part of a game of chance. Howard wants more than a submissive BDSM playmate; he wants a companion. He has put Alice through several tests, including punishments. It is beginning to appear that Alice may be the one.

Michelle (23 years old) and Jessica (21 Years old) are Alice's daughters. Both were unaware of their parents' secret kinky lifestyle until they were helping their mom move into a smaller place to save money and found her stash of sex toys. They have since been having kinky incestual three ways with their Mom, Alice.


Howard's Vulva Anatomy Lesson

As we walked into the house with just towels from the garage bathroom wrapped around us, Howard said, "I know you were looking forward to going back up to the roleplay rooms tonight, but would you mind if we just sat on the patio and enjoyed the rest of the evening? This evening was intense. I just want to spend time with my friend now."

I replied, "If that is your desire, then it is my desire."

He said, "Good, it will be nice just to talk. Let's put some clothes on and meet in the kitchen in a few minutes.

I quickly put on heels, stockings, a garter belt, panties, a bra, and a short dress. I knew what my man wanted.

Howard got to the kitchen just before me. He pulled out his phone and pushed a few buttons. I immediately noticed thousands of white lights going on in the backyard through the dining room windows. Howard grabbed a bottle of wine and glasses. We walked outside onto his covered patio.

The patio was warmer than I expected and then I noticed the space heaters hanging from the ceiling. Every bush and tree in the immediate yard had white lights in them. There were even scattered lights further back in his forest.

I exclaimed, "I feel like I just walked into a Hallmark Christmas Movie with all these white lights."

He laughed and suggested that we sit on a comfortable couch on the edge of the covered patio. We sat down, looking out onto his garden and forest. He placed our wine and glasses on a low table.

I snuggled up against him and said, "This yard is so beautiful."

He replied, "I'm pretty proud of it. I finished building this house in early 1995. Around the house were acres of bare dirt. I did the landscape design myself. The first plantings were in late 1995."

I wrapped my arms around his right arm and said, "I'm looking forward to getting a tour of the forest area. I've seen a little of it but was too worried about my punishment to enjoy it."

His right hand was resting lightly on my left hip. I grabbed it and placed it on my dress above my mons.

I said, "I like it when the palm of your hand is resting on my mons."

He looked at me quizzically and said, "Mons?"

I giggled and said, "The area above my clitoris is called the mons pubis or mons for short."

"Oh," is all he said, then after a long pause, he continued. "I took the bare minimum of life science classes in college. I much preferred physics. I don't know all the correct terms for all your lady parts. Let me point out what I know about that region of your body."

He pulled up the hem of my dress. I lifted my bottom and pushed my panties down


He put his hand back on my mons and said, "I now know that this is your mons pubis. Below it is your clitoris." As he said this, he moved his fingers down to my clit and gently massaged it.

He then started massaging the outside of my vulva and said, "I only know these as pussy lips."

I laughed and grabbed his hand to direct it as I explained. "This part of what you call my pussy lips is called the labia majora or outer labia. When you massage it, it swells like your penis does and gets puffier. It is nice when you massage it." I directed his fingers to trace the length of the outer labia on both sides of my vagina,

"I knew about it getting puffier as you got aroused. I just didn't know the correct name for it."

I directed his fingers to just above my clitoris, "This area is called my clitoral hood. It takes some time to get the blood flowing, so I appreciate that you always start slow when massaging this area. My orgasms are more intense when this gets stimulated before you penetrate my vaginal opening."

He started moving his fingers in circles around my clitoris and clitoral hood.

"Slow that down, Howard, or I will climax before I finish my lesson."

"Okay, What's next. You drive." He laughed.

I moved his index finger to just below my clit and said, "This my urethral opening. It's where my pee goes out. There are sex toys to use on my urethra, but I have never used them.'

He said, "We'll need to research it, as I also don't know anything about that."

I started moving his fingers to trace my inner labia, "I bet you call this the inner pussy lips, but its actual name is labia minora or inner labia. But if you want to call it inner pussy lips, I am good with that."

I directed his fingers to my vaginal orifice. "And this is my vaginal orifice, but most folks just call it the vagina. All of these parts together are called the vulva. You got that?"

He shook his head yes

"That's good because there will be a test."

"I'd better review the material immediately then, but I'm going to need better access to the training material." He said.

"Let me help you get better access," I said as I pulled my dress off over my head.

Howard touched and rubbed each part and saying their names. As he continued to practice their names and thoroughly explore each part, I felt my arousal rising. He even added in some extra credit by identifying my G-spot and rubbing it. As an orgasm finally hit me, I grabbed his right arm and squeezed it hard as my body was racked with the energy of my passion.

Once I calmed down, he rested his hand on my naked mons and said, "Thank you for the anatomy lesson. Now let's improve the view." He then reached up to my bra and removed it, leaving me with just my garter belt, stockings, and heels.

We laughed, we sipped our wine, gazing out at the wonderland lights of his backyard.

I sighed and said, "I wish my girls could see this beauty."

"You clearly love them. I'm not that close to my daughter. I wasn't there for her after my wife died. I was depressed for a long time and didn't help her with her grief over losing her Mom. I mean, we are civil and talk on the phone a couple of times a month, but we're not close."

"That's too bad. My girls are my closest friends and have also become my lovers. I know that's incest, but I don't give a shit. We enjoy each other in all dimensions, and those who think it is wrong can go to hell as far as I am concerned."

He replied, "As you know, I'm good with it. Knowing your close bond with them makes you a stronger and more lovely person."

I kicked my panties off the rest of the way and snuggled up against him. His hand remained on my mons. "I am also lucky to be able to be with you this week."

As we sipped our wine, I said, "All these lights remind me of camping in Joshua Tree National Park and seeing so many stars."

He said, "I've visited Joshua Tree, but it's not on my list of top ten national parks. It doesn't hold a candle to Yosemite for me. But I know that for some, they prefer Joshua. There is no correct answer to which National Park you like best."

I replied, "At least we agree that Yosemite is our favorite park. So, what is your favorite natural wonder outside of the US?"

"It's a toss-up between behind Wadi Rum in Jordan and Victoria Falls in Africa."

I said, "I have not heard of Wadi Rum."

He asked, "Have you ever seen the film Lawrence of Arabia?" as he started to massage my mons slowly.

I gave out a little sigh and then said, "That's the one with Peter O'Toole, right?"

He smiled saying, "Correct. Remember the scene where there is a large number of men on horses riding down a sandy valley with tall cliffs on both sides?"

I opened my mouth in astonishment and said, "Oh, that's Wadi Rum. That was a beautiful sight. I can see why you'd put that high on your list. You've done a lot of foreign travel. What is the best part of it?"

He smiled and said, "It's getting to experience the different cultures. I'd rather stay in a small village in France for a week than spend a week in Paris. Don't get me wrong, I love Paris, but it's not the same as getting to know the locals. Sometimes, it's hard to see some things, like when I was in India and saw a dead body on the road, but then you visit the Khajuraho Group of Monuments and see this incredible art carved into the many buildings. They have some very erotic art which was used to teach the boys about sex."

I asked, "Isn't India where that book on sexual positions, the suma kata or something like that, came from?"

He laughed, "Yes, it's called the Kama Sutra. It's more than a sex position book. It covers many other topics, like the nature of love, finding a life partner or partners, maintaining your love life, and many other topics."

I said. "Well, I'd be most interested in reading the sex position part of it. And maybe the rest of it later. I've heard that there are like a hundred sex positions in it."

He replied, "There are more in the book, but many are just minor differences and some aren't doable by normal folks. However, as I recall, it is about 100, but I'd have to check my copy in the library."

"You have a copy. Can I look at it now? I'm really interested." I exclaimed.

He stood up, took my hand, and said, "Let's go."

Kama Sutra; The Lotus.

We went up to his library on the second floor. The room has rows and rows of bookshelves. There are two high back comfortable reading chairs, two couches, a rectangular table with two chairs on each side, and a round table with four chairs.


Howard went immediately to the right shelf and pulled down the book. He gestured for us to sit on the couch.

He opened the book and said. "The Kama Sutra is more than just a book of sex positions, there are chapters on love, marriage, prostitutes, affairs and many more, but I think you have just one interest."

I said, "I want to try all the positions in the Kama Sutra".

He laughed, "I have a book that organizes the position by difficulty and adds some modern touches. Let me get that."

He came back with a slim volume. "This one starts with the earlier positions and progresses from there."

I got excited and said, "Let's do a bunch tonight."

He gave me that teacher look where their eyes are looking up, but are still looking straight at you because their chin is down. "You're missing the whole purpose of the Kama Sutra. Each position is to be enjoyed for extended periods of time. If we are going to do this, we need to savor each position. Are you up for that?"

I leaned against him and said, "Absolutely."

He opened the book. There was a picture of a naked woman sitting in a naked man's lap. He explained, "This is a beginner position called the Lotus. Let me take off the rest of your clothes to get you into the right frame of mind. I need to add one thing, and we'll go to my room and get ready to do the lotus position.

He reached into his pocket and removed a blindfold which he put on me.

He guided me down the hall to his bedroom.

He said, "Now remove my clothes, but don't take the blindfold off."

I may have used a lot more touch than necessary, but I did get his clothes off.

We climbed up on the bed. He sat down with his legs straight out but bent slightly at the knees. He then positioned me facing him and had my legs go around him.

"Your legs should be sticking as straight out as you can. That's good. Now wrap your arms around me and work your pussy down onto my cock.

It was a marvelous feeling to have his cock in me. I loved the feeling of being full.

He then instructed, "Now you bounce a little. That's it. Now when you're ready, start grinding your clitoris against me. As you stimulate your clit, I get stimulated."

I ground against him for about five minutes and then he said. "Now, let's stop and let me take off your blindfold. Let's now approach each other and kiss and rub as we get into this position while looking into each other's eyes.

OMG, starting over, with my eyes open, once I'd already felt how the lotus worked increased my arousal immensely. We gazed into each other's eyes as I slowly lowered myself onto his lap. We embraced and kissed passionately. I slowly started pleasuring myself on his cock. I made sure that my clit got a lot of stimulation. We moaned together as our passion increased. I could feel he was about to climax so I let go of my self-control and shuddered as his cock shot its load of cum into me.

We stayed in the position for a long time, lightly rubbing each other's bodies and kissing each other all over our faces and chests. Eventually, his cock got so soft that it slipped out of me.

We laid down on the bed together continuing to cuddle and kiss.

Eventually, he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. After a quick bathroom break, he led me into his fantastic shower. We both made sure we were very clean and spent extra time on the parts that generally don't see the sun.

After toweling me off, he led me to his bed, but instead of placing me on the bed, he lowered me to the floor. He said, "I have not caged you for a night yet and that needs to happen this week. I am pretty sure that you are as sexually drained as I am. I just want to get some sleep knowing you are confined. The door has an orange button for emergencies if you need to open it from the inside before I tell you to come out. I'd like you to stay inside all night unless you need to pee, in which case, please open the cage and use the toilet. I will know if you used the button. In the morning, I will tell you to open the cage, come up on the bed, and thank me for letting you sleep in the cage, but you must not speak. Afterward, we'll make waffles together. Can you do this?"

"Master, I will sleep blissfully knowing that this is where you want me."

I crawled on my stomach into the cage under his bed, he shut the door. I noticed there were pillows and blankets in the cage when I cleaned his room.

I said, "Good night. Master"

"Good night, Alice."

We were both asleep in minutes.

Friday Morning

I was awake way before Howard was and lay naked in the cage waiting for him to tell me to come out of it.

I heard him stirring, then he said. "You may come out of the cage."

Pushing the orange unlock button, I made my way out of the cage on my stomach.

I climbed up onto his bed near the foot and went under the covers.

I positioned myself between his legs and made my way up, massaging and pushing his legs further apart as I got higher on his legs. I took a few seconds to admire his semi-hard cock.

I then licked the underside of the tip and backed away to observe the reaction. There was some movement, then it started to come to attention. He made a soft moan. I snaked my tongue over his engorged tip, tasting his precum. His cock reacted to my stimulus as I teased it before taking it into my mouth, then pulled my mouth away again.

I moved back in and I licked again. I wrapped my lips around the tip while my tongue continued its exploration of the underside of the end of his cock. I started to suck lightly. I felt him and his cock continue to stir more.

I started sucking harder than before, moving my lips lower down his shaft length as his cock became fully hard. My lips got as close to the base as I could.

I felt him throw off the bedsheets and grab my head to force his cock down to the back of my throat.

I started sucking even harder and moving up and down on his cock. I looked up at his face, he was smiling.

I continued worshiping his magnificent cock for a few minutes.

"This is a delightful way to wake up." He said and pulled me up onto his chest and we kissed.

"Did you enjoy yesterday, Alice?"

"Oh, I certainly did. I loved having sex on the dishwasher, the medical exam role-playing, our exhibitionist dinner and drive, sitting outside with you after dinner and learning about the Kama Sutra[rp1] by trying a new position. It was a perfect day."

"I am glad to hear that, Alice. Let's go make waffles."

It was fun being nude together in the kitchen as we made waffles, bacon, and coffee. He kept copping feels whenever he could. I'd say, Howard, I'm working!" He would laugh, then I would grab his penis and gave it a gentle tug. Howard was certainly fun to be with.

We enjoyed the waffles and bacon. We continued our conversation about national parks from the night before and I asked him about the next Kama Sutra position we'd try and when we would do it.

He replied to my inquiries and said in a movie narrator voice. "All will be revealed in its time."

He then got up from the table and said. "I'm going up to the gym. Do you remember where that is?" and grinned.

"Yes, I do, you ornery devil."

"Alice, in an hour, I want you to give me a massage after my workout shower. Everything you need to give a high-quality massage is in the room already. Just be sure to turn on the massage cover warmer and check to make sure there are wet towels in the towel warmer for the clean-up at the end. See you then." He leaned down and kissed me. "Oh, as usual wear something sexy."

I enjoyed the view of his ass as he walked away. I cleaned up the dishes and put everything in the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and pots from dinner. I went out to the garage and cleaned up the mess in the car.

I pulled the cellphone numbers of the submissive want-a-be women out of the glovebox. I quickly sent each the same text message, "Hi, this is Alice, the naked woman you met last night. If you want to explore the bliss of being a submissive or a switch, text me back and tell me a little about yourself."

I went around the house picking up our discarded clothes from our play.

I then went up to my room and called the girls. I told them about all my sexual adventures since I talked to them yesterday afternoon. They thought the exhibitionist dinner and drive was something they would love to do.

They told me they enjoyed using the feeldoe on each other but had not attempted to get back into subspace, but might later that day.












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